Algae extracts provide the plant with a substantial number of beneficial substances, from mineral nutrients to vitamins, oligosaccharides or amino acids. This mixture of compounds gives the crop better resistance when faced with extreme conditions, while at the same time, improving the structure of the soil and strengthening stages in the cycle such as the germination of the seed or flowering.

The amino acids stimulate the metabolism of the plants, increasing the enzymatic activity and strengthening the crop against abiotic stress. It is essential to choose the origin of the raw material and the balance of amino acid that will best help the plant when faced with a determined problem, as well as the hydrolysis used to obtain them.

Prosisa’s catalogue offers algae extracts such as Ascophyllum nodosum as well as Ecklonia maxima. It also offers a wide variety of amino acids as well as products that are formulated specifically for each stage of the crop cycle. The Technical Department has the knowledge and capacity to recommend the best formula depending on the individual objective and criteria of the farmer.

Algae solution made up from Ascophyllum nodosum Request Data Sheet

Algae solution made up from Ecklonia maxima

Bio-stimulant to improve the vigour and growth of the root system

Bio-stimulant to homogenize the flowering and to ensure the setting

Bio-stimulant to increase the cell division and to improve the tissue of the fruit during the first stages of development

Bio-stimulant to strengthen the fattening phases of the fruit, increasing the calibre and improving the performance

Bio-stimulant applicable during any stage of the crop cycle and especially during the stress stages

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