Bioprotection for
crops and seeds

Sustainable agriculture occurs largely due to the application of defensive measures that respect the environment and do not leave any residue on the crops.

Fungus, bacteria, insects and mites are the main pathogen groups that affect crops. The amount of damage caused varies depending on the plague, the crops affected and the severity of the attack which together may cause a loss of part of the crop or even, in the worst of circumstances, the death of the plant.

The surge in the biocontrol of plagues has allowed for the development of new ways which help avoid losses caused by biotic attacks. The use of extracts, natural substances and zero residue compounds allow the farmer to minimise the incidence from these pathogen agents and to reach maximum crop productivity while at the same time preserving the environment, achieving sustainable production and respecting nature.

As a result of its commitment to the environment, Prosisa has developed a residue free range of products that ensure plague control while at the same time avoiding any damage to the surrounding habitat.

Resistance elicitors made up from chitosan hydrochloride

Natural product with fungicide effect

Inductor for natural defence mechanisms with insecticide effect

Natural product with fungicide effect, acaricide and insecticide

Natural product with fungicide effect

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