Soil and water

In order to ensure the best exploitation and use of each application and to be able to adjust the doses, it is necessary to maximise the efficiency of the treatment. In those applications via root and soil, a well-cared for soil with a good structure will allow the root to develop correctly, ensuring that the plant can easily absorb all the nutrients.

On the other hand, it has been shown that adjusting the pH of the water during the irrigation, as well as during the foliar treatments, is essential so as to avoid the destruction of active materials and to maintain product efficiency. In mixtures with a basic pH the molecules that are responsible for the effect of each formula suffer a process of degradation much quicker than those mixtures carried out in waters with a pH of 5-6. Adjusting the pH of the water must be the first step when the treatment is being prepared.

The product line of soil and water improvers from Prosisa boasts a range of specialised products that are carefully selected in order to achieve high effectiveness during the applications.

Humic extract from Liquid leonardite

Humic extract from Solid leonardite

Organic material with a high content of fulvic acids

Salinity corrector

pH regulator for water with a wetting and defoaming effect

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