Special fertilisers

Research work and projects are constantly carried out which focus on the search for beneficial raw materials for each crop that can be included in the fertilisation plan.

One of the main objectives of this work is to find a solution to the problems that reduce the productivity or quality of the crops and, therefore, have a negative impact on the final profit of the farmer. High production levels, new crops or the changes in climate conditions that many arid regions suffers from mean that it is necessary to incorporate new formulas that help the plant to complete its cycle correctly.

With our physiological knowledge of plants, it is possible to find formulas on the basis of using mixtures of different substances that help the plant during each stage, from its germination and rooting up to its flowering, setting and the ripening of the fruit.

The R+D Department in Prosisa is continuously searching for and testing special raw materials to be included in their formulas so that they are able to provide the farmer with new options that enable them to reach maximum harvest.

Formula to increase the performance of crops, especially oilseeds and legumes, through improving the nitrogen fixation

Formula developed to increase the production, quality and content in the proteins of the cereals

Formula focused on improving the performance as well as the protein content and dry material particularly in forage crops and pastures

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