Nutritional and
deficiency correctors

Thanks to current and available technology, crop nutrition can be optimised and the best results can be achieved with the right dose.

The contribution of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium through foliar application allows us to complement the base dressing and that applied through irrigation. Through this way, it is possible to supply, at the precise moment, the nutrient that the crop needs. This permits us to reduce the root dose, optimise the absorption and manage the nutrition of the crop according to its evolution and, therefore, avoid oversized contributions.

At the same time, a well-controlled supply of microelements will be essential to prevent the appearance of nutritional deficiencies or to correct said deficiencies when they start to appear in the plant. Correctly managing the synergy between nutrients, the use of chelates or complexing agents as well as the way of application will permit us to adjust the mineral contribution, saving costs and achieving a fertilisation that respects the environment.

Prosisa provides a wide range of mineral nutrients that allow for an easier selection of an optimal formula for each crop and way of working.

A product range based on macroelements

A boron ethanolamine solution

Copper complexed by organic acids

Manganese and zinc solutions complexed by organic acids

Calcium and boron solution

Mixture of trace-elements complexed by organic acids

Mixture of copper, manganese and zinc complexed by organic acids

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